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Founded in Mannheim in 2006, CropEnergies is one of the leading European manufacturers of sustainably produced bioethanol for the fuel sector today. In our modern production facilities in Germany, Belgium, the UK and France, we manufacture approximately 1.2 million cubic meters of bioethanol per year from cereals and sugar beet. Besides we process the raw materials into more than 800,000 tonnes of high-quality protein food and animal feed products per year. The highly efficient production facilities reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70% across the whole value-added chain compared to fossil fuel. With the production sites, the unique logistics network in Europe as well as trading offices in Brazil, Chile and the USA, CropEnergies is one of the leading companies in a major emerging market. Through advanced technology and innovation we contribute to ensure a sustainable mobility from renewable resources, today and in the future: mobility - sustainable. renewable.

Current Press Releases

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Section 15 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG)

CropEnergies temporarily pausing production at Ensus. One-off costs of up to EUR 40 million expected
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, temporarily pausing production of its English subsidiary Ensus UK, Wilton. This decision has been made due to the current difficult situation in the European bioethanol market which the dramatic drop of oil prices in the last few months has exacerbated. Bioethanol prices reached an all-time low of EUR 417 per cubic meter FOB Rotterdam on 15 January 2015. The devaluation of the euro compared to the British pound was an additional burden. The drawn-out political process in the EU to also increase the percentage of renewable energies in the transport sector compared to today is not conductive either. The production facility was brought off line a few days ago for cleaning and inspection. CropEnergies' other plants in Germany, Belgium and France are running at high capacity utilization despite the difficult market conditions and thus prove their leading technological position and competitiveness.
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