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ProtiGrain® - valuable animal feed from the bioethanol plant in Zeitz
CropEnergies manufactures the high-grade animal feed ProtiGrain® from the stillage produced during the production of bioethanol from cereals that contain starch. Stillage has been fed to animals in liquid form, which severely restricts its regional distribution, for centuries. If it is dried and pelletized, a storable, easily transportable and thus merchantable product is obtained known as DDGS (Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles), a comparatively new product in Europe. Because of its high protein and fat content and its advantageous energy content DDGS can be used as a high-grade feed for all types of livestock as well as for pets. It is a substitute above all for soy and rapeseed meal extract in feed rations. CropEnergies markets the DDGS produced in Zeitz throughout Europe under the brand name ProtiGrain®.
New protein animal feed
Supported especially by early scientific studies even before its commercial introduction, ProtiGrain® established itself as a high-grade protein animal feed in the German and European market within just a few years. Today, it is a regular ingredient in the rations of leading European compound feed manufacturers and processors.
Highest quality standards
Only high-quality, tested crude materials (cereals and sugar syrups) are used for the production of ProtiGrain®.
According to the designations for individual animal feeds under the animal feed regulations ProtiGrain® is a stillage (number 5.05.01 in the positive list). It is manufactured according to the highest quality standards and in conformity with the relevant quality management systems. An important factor for its quality is also the gentle, indirect drying of the product at relatively low temperatures, which guarantees that the proteins are easily digestible.
CropEnergies AG also collaborates with various universities and other research institutes in order to be able to make recommendations to its customers on the optimum use of ProtiGrain® in livestock feeding. The following tables show the key data on the constituents of ProtiGrain®. Information on the rations for the various types of livestock can be found under Feeding.

ProtiGrain® at a glance

Product data 
Dry matter (DM)  92.3%  
Constituents per kg of dry matter 
Crude ash  59 g  
Crude protein  315 g  
Crude fibre  88 g  
Crude fat  83 g  
Starch  29 g  
Sugar  47 g  
Nitrogen-free extracts  455 g  
NDF Neutral-detergent fibre om  357 g  
ADF Acid detergent fibre om  214 g  
Lignin  212 g  
Enzyme soluble organic matter  823 g  
Gas formation  48,5 ml/200 mg  
Amino acids (% in DM)
Lys  Met  Thr  Cys  Trp
0.70  0.52  1.05  0.62  0.33

Minerals (g/kg DM)
Ca  P  Na  Mg  K  
0.8  8.1  4.0  2.9  15.2  

Trace elements (mg/kg DM)
Cu  Zn  Mn  Fe  
8.8  68  49  104  

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