Principles and Corporate Strategy

  • The CropEnergies Group's mission is to work in concert with its partners to shape the future responsibly and to develop solutions today for the social and corporate challenges of tomorrow. The focus is on the production and marketing of bioethanol - the world's No. 1 biofuel.
  • As one of the leading European bio-ethanol producers, we combine business success with social responsibility and environmental protection. Our aim is to grow profitably, to create value on a longterm basis, and to meet the expectations of our shareholders, customers, suppliers, and the people within the company, through sustainable and responsible business activity.
  • With our products we improve the quality of life for the present generation while safeguarding that of future generations. As a regenerative substitute for petrol, the bioethanol we produce from renewable raw materials is proven to reduce greenhouse gases, conserves the world's limited fossil resources, and thus furthers future mobility.
  • As the European market leader in the production of food and animal feed products from the residues of bioethanol production, we improve Europe's supply of vegetable proteins and, in this way, honour our responsibility to society. CropEnergies fully exploits all of the raw materials it uses - to provide food, feed, and fuel.
  • We achieve our goals through operational excellence and innovation. Here, we rely on our core competences - the large-scale processing of agricultural feedstocks into high-grade products, and their marketing. We possess extensive know-how across the entire bioethanol production value chain. With our innovative production facilities we set standards in terms of technology, efficiency, flexibility, and greenhouse gas reductions, and set ourselves apart from the competition.
  • Key to our company's success is the knowledge, experience, social skills, satisfaction, and dedication of our employees. We place great value on our transparent reporting and open communication with all capital market participants. The contact with investors and capital markets is also important for financing further growth.
  • In taking the company forward we always consider our core competences as well as the given framework conditions. Driven by our flexibility we see structural change as an opportunity for further development.
We operate sustainably in the interest of the company's successful development and a liveable future.

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