Investor Relations


The executive board and the supervisory board propose to appropriate the net profit of CropEnergies AG for the 2015/16 financial year of EUR17,824,536.65 as follows:
Distribution of a dividend of
EUR0.15 per share based on
87,250,000 no-par-value shares
EUR 13,087,500.00
Allocation to revenue reservesEUR 4,500,000.00
Carried forward to new account
(profit carried forward)
EUR 237,036.65
Net profitEUR 17,824,536.65
The number of no-par-value shares entitled to dividends may change by the time of the Annual General Meeting. In that case, an adjusted recommendation regarding the appropriation of profits will be submitted to the Annual General Meeting, which provides for an unchanged dividend per no-par-value share entitled to dividends, and a corresponding adjusted profit carried forward.
The dividend will be distributed on 13 July 2016.

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