Investor Relations

Counterproposals and proposals for election

Counterproposals and election proposals pursuant to § 126 (section 1) and § 127 AktG

Shareholders of the company may submit counterproposals to proposals by the executive board and/or the supervisory board on certain items of the agenda and proposals for the election of auditors or members of the supervisory board. Such motions (including statements of grounds) and election proposals may only be sent to
CropEnergies AG
Investor Relations
Maximilianstraße 10
68165 Mannheim
or by telefax to: +49 (0) 621 714190-03
or by e-mail to:
Counterproposals and election proposals by shareholders duly received at the above address at least 14 days prior to the annual general meeting, i.e. no later than 3 July 2017 (24:00 hours) will be published without delay at
(Category: Investor Relations / Annual General Meeting).
Any comments by the company's corporate bodies will also be published at the above website address.
The company is not required to publish a counterproposal and its statement of grounds or an election proposal if one of the exclusionary conditions set out in § 126 (section 2) AktG is met, e.g. if the election proposal or counterproposal would result in a resolution by the annual general meeting that breaches the law or the articles of association. Furthermore, election proposals are not required to be published if they do not contain the name, profession and domicile of the proposed person. The statement of grounds for a counterproposal is not required to be published if its total length is more than 5,000 characters.
Shareholders are requested to provide proof of their share ownership already when submitting counterproposals and election proposals. It should be noted that counterproposals and election proposals, even if sent to the company in advance, will only be addressed at the annual general meeting if they are also submitted/put forward at the meeting. The right of every shareholder to put forward counterproposals on the various agenda items or election proposals during the annual general meeting even without a previous submission to the company remains unaffected.

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