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Annual document persuant to Article 10 of the Securities Prospectus Act (WpPG)

Section 10 of the German Securities Prospectus Act (Wertpapierprospektgesetz, WpPG) requires all issuers of securities which are listed on an organised market to annually provide the general public with a document containing or referring to all information published or otherwise made available in the previous twelve months by the issuer to the general public in accordance with certain statutory provisions for the capital market.
Please note that the information in this annual document in accordance with § 10 WpPG or information which is referred to therein will not be updated for periods of less than a year and therefore might be outdated.
Neither the annual document nor the information therein and the information to which the annual document refers to shall constitute an offer or the solicitation of an offer to purchase or sell securities.
Only the German version of the annual document is legally binding while the English translation is for convenience only.
In fiscal year 2011/12 (1 March 2011 to 29 February 2012) CropEnergies AG published or made available the following information in the meaning of Section 10 sub-paragraph 1 of the German Securities Prospectus Act (WpPG); it has further published on 8 May 2012 the following Annual Report 2011/12 and the Annual report 2011/12 (single closing local GAAP):
Ad hoc releases (Article 15 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG))
May 11, 2011
CropEnergies plans to triple dividend after successful financial year
Download (PDF, 90.45 KB)
June 22, 2011:
CropEnergies Increases Outlook After Strong 1st Quarter
Download (PDF, 42.42 KB)
February 1, 2012
CropEnergies Executive Board Member Dr. Guderjahn Appointed Member of Südzucker Executive Board
Download (PDF, 41.57 KB)
May 7, 2012
CropEnergies Raises Dividend and Appoints New Member of Executive Board
Download (PDF, 109.8 KB)
Directors' dealings (Article 15a of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG))
Notifications 2011/12 Download (PDF, 68.7 KB)
Annual general meeting (Article 30b para.1, no.1 WpHG)
Invitation to the annual general meeting 2011 (including summary 2010/11) Download (PDF, 445.32 KB)
Announcements pursuant to article 30b para. 1, no. 2 WpHG
Dividend announcement for 2010/11 and other legal announcements (in German only) Download (PDF, 91.94 KB)
Financial Reports (Articles 37v, 37w, 37x ff. WpHG,Article 42 para. 1 German Stock Exchange Act inconnection with stock exchange regulation)
Annual report 2010/11 (IFRS) Download (PDF, 3.96 MB)
Annual report 2010/11 (single closing local GAAP) (German version) Download (PDF, 1.9 MB)
1. Quarter 2011/12 (March 1 - May 31, 2011) Download (PDF, 296.93 KB)
2. Quarter 2011/12 (March 1 - August 31, 2011) Download (PDF, 267.02 KB)
3. Quarter 2011/12 (March 1 - November 30, 2011) Download (PDF, 334.18 KB)
Annual report 2011/12 (IFRS) Download (PDF, 3.2 MB)
Annual report 2011/12 (single closing local GAAP) (German version) Download (PDF, 494.97 KB)
Financial calendar (Article 42 para. 1 Stock Exchange Act in connection with stock exchange regulation)
Financial calendar for fiscal year 2011/12 Download (PDF, 67.69 KB)
In case that an Internet link or a path is not available or does not work, hard copies of this information can be ordered free of charge from:
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