Fact Sheet 2019/20

Short summary CropEnergies AG
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Fact Sheet bioethanol

Benefits of European bioethanol
Download (PDF, 516.53 KB)

E10 – clean Mobility

Download (PDF, 298.75 KB)

Bioethanol in E10 Flyer

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Bioethanol Fuel Cells

Download (PDF, 360.58 KB)

Brochure Ryssen Alcools

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Flyer bioethanol plant Wanze

Download (PDF, 898.15 KB)

ProtiGrain® Flyer

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ProtiWanze® Flyer

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Proteins from CropEnergies

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Datasheet ProtiGrain® (PDF, 37.13 KB)

Data sheet DDGS Ensus (PDF, 217.37 KB)
November 2016

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