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ProtiWanze® - a new animal feed from the next-generation bioethanol plant in Wanze
BioWanze, the next-generation bioethanol plant in Wanze, Belgium, produces the new animal feed ProtiWanze® from the proteins and other constituents of the fermented wheat grains left over after distillation. This animal feed is known as CDS (Concentrated Distillers' Solubles). The manufacturing process for this animal feed is shown on the BioWanze production flow chart.
CDS is a valuable high-protein liquid animal feed for cattle and pigs. The product is marketed together with our distribution partners.
Sales of ProtiWanze® were already secured through long-term supply contracts before the start of production. A main focus of the pre-marketing activities was various projects to identify the best applications with a view to fully exploiting the market opportunities for the new animal feed.
The ideal location of the bioethanol plant in Wanze on the Maas waterway makes it possible to distribute ProtiWanze® in the attractive BENELUX market and the neighbouring German and French markets for liquid animal feed. ProtiWanze® is transported by tanker lorry to local markets in the vicinity of the plant and can also be shipped by river barge to more distant markets.
The following feed values can be taken as a guide for livestock feeding:
Dry matter%26.3
pH value
Composition per kg dry matter (DM)*
Crude ashg49
Crude fibreg35
Crude proteing294
Crude fatg59
Phosphor (dP)g7.1 (6.0)
Lysine (dLys)g13.5 (9.6)
Methionine (dMet)g4.5 (3.6)
Cystine (dCys)g4.9 (3.6)
Threonine (dThr)g10.6 (6.8)
Tryptophan (dTrp)g3.2 (2.3)
Lactic acidg57
Feed values (per kg DM)*
ME (Cow)MJ13.81
UDP** 5%
Utilizable Crude Protein nXPg236
ME (Pig)MJ15.3

* The values listed here are reference values. The composition depends on the composition of the raw ingredients and is subject to minor, natural variances.
** Ruman Undegredable Protein, 5% rumen passage rate per hour

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