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Here you will find CropEnergies AG press photographs. Please note particularly that all picture material is intended exclusively for editorial application. We therefore ask that you send us a voucher copy in the event of such material being printed.

The next-generation bioethanol plant in Wanze, Belgium, ist he most modern plant in Europe.
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Because of the innovative biomass boiler, bioethanol produced at BioWanze saves up to 70% of the CO2-emissions compared to fossil fuels.
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The bioethanol plant in Zeitz is one of the largest in Europe. Annually, up to 400.000 m³ of bioethanol are produced in the Zeitz plant. Cereals as well as sugar syrups are processed for the production of bioethanol.
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Photo: Martin Jehnichen

The distillation is where the bioethanol is produced
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Photo: Martin Jehnichen

Since 2005, up to 400.000 m³ of bioethanol are produced every year
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Photo: Martin Jehnichen

Every day, 2.000 tonnes of cereals are processed for the bioethanol production in Zeitz
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Photo: Martin Jehnichen

Dr. Stephan Meeder, CEO + CFO
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Jürgen Böttcher, CTO
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Dr. Fritz Georg von Graevenitz, CSO
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