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CropEnergies: Next Generation Bioethanol Plant in Belgium Starts Production
BioWanze, the Belgian subsidiary of CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, starts production in its next-generation bioethanol plant in Wanze, Belgium, as planned. The plant, being the largest bioethanol plant in Belgium, will produce up to 300,000 m³ of bioethanol per year from wheat and sugar syrups. The innovative manufacturing process, which uses biomass as a primary energy source, lowers CO2 emissions by up to 70% compared to fossil fuels. With this, BioWanze has been awarded half of the distributed production licenses or 125,000 m³ per year until 2013 with which the Belgian government promotes biofuels in the domestic market. The investment for this unique technology is more than ? 250 million.
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CropEnergies: EU Remains Committed to Biofuels ? Market for Sustainably Produced Bioethanol Is Growing Dynamically
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, welcomes the agreement reached between the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament on the Directive for the Promotion of Renewable Energies. The EU heads of state and heads of government confirmed this as an integral part of the EU climate package on 12 December 2008 in Brussels. With this decision the EU has set the framework for the market introduction of biofuels in all 27 member states.
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Successful first half for CropEnergies - Expansion proceeding as planned
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, increased its revenues in the first six months of the 2008/09 financial year by 67.8% to ? 146.3 (87.2) million. EBITDA was down 13.1% to ? 15.8 (18.2) million due to raw material costs. With an EBITDA margin of 10.8% (20.9%), CropEnergies achieved a leading position in the biofuel industry. After depreciation of ? 4.7 (4.2) million, operating profit was down 20.4% to ? 11.1 (14.0) million, equivalent to 7.6% (16.0%) of revenues.
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Lively interest in Annual General Meeting ? CropEnergies confirms
At today?s Annual General Meeting of CropEnergies AG for the 2007/08 financial year all the resolutions put forward by the company?s Executive Board and Supervisory Board were adopted by a clear majority of over 99 percent. Some 800 shareholders and guests attended the Annual General Meeting which was held in the Rosengarten in Mannheim. Approximately 81 percent of the share capital was represented.
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Successful start of new financial year for CropEnergies ? Revenue increases by 66 percent
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, has increased its revenues by 66% to ? 56.4 (34.1) million ? in the first three months of the current financial year (1 March to 31 May 2008). Besides increased selling prices, this was mainly due to higher bioethanol sales. Supported by a growth in revenues and an increased use of sugar syrups instead of grain, operating profit reached last year?s level of ? 5.5 (5.5) million despite higher grain prices. After preparatory cost for Wanze and a capital expenditure-related decrease in the interest result, net earnings in the first quarter amounted to ? 3.0 (4.2) million.
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Zeitz bioethanol plant expansion completed
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, has completed the expansion of the capacity of their bioethanol plant in Zeitz, Saxony-Anhalt, as planned. After a construction time for the extension of only 13 months, the original annual capacity of the Zeitz location of 260,000 m³ of bioethanol has been increased by a further 100,000 m³ to 360,000 m³. This increase was carried out in two stages. The existing plant, which processes cereals and sugar syrups into bioethanol, was expanded by an additional 40,000 m³ of bioethanol per annum. The newly-built plant with an annual capacity of 60,000 m³ exclusively processes sugar syrups originating from the neighbouring sugar factory. With this expansion, the Zeitz factory is by far Europe's largest bioethanol plant.
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CropEnergies AG acquires French bioethanol producer Ryssen Alcools S.A.S
CropEnergies AG signed an agreement for the acquisition of French alcohol producer Ryssen Alcools S.A.S in Paris on 2 June 2008. The seller is French sugar producer Saint Louis Sucre, which is a member of the Südzucker Group. The acquisition of Ryssen Alcools S.A.S is due to be completed at the end of June 2008. With this move CropEnergies is expanding its activities in the important French market as planned and will be increasing its capacities for the production of bioethanol for fuel applications by another 100,000 m³ of bioethanol per year.
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CropEnergies AG increases revenues and earnings
In the past 2007/08 financial year (1 March 2007 to 29 February 2008) CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, increased its revenues by over 27% year on year to ? 186.8 (146.8) million. The Group?s operating profit was improved again by 4.8% to ? 22.0 (21.0) million equivalent to an operating margin of 11.8 (14.3)%.
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CropEnergies expects bioethanol market to continue growing despite E10 stop
The CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, expects that the bioethanol market in Germany and Europe will continue to grow despite the announcement of German Federal Environmental Minister Sigmar Gabriel, to defer for now the increase of the amount of bioethanol allowed in gasoline from 5 vol.-% to 10 vol.-% (E10). The legally tied down blending quotas for Germany are not influenced by the decision
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CropEnergies increases revenues and earnings
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, one of Europe?s leading producers of bioethanol, has further improved revenues and earnings in the first nine months of the current financial year (1 March 2007 to 30 November 2007).
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