Raw materials

Our products - bioethanol and food and animal feed products - are produced from biomass.
Vegetable matter containing sugar and starch is fermented at our plants in Germany and Belgium, and the alcohol (bioethanol) produced is distilled. The other constituents are processed into high-grade food and animal feed products. What materials are used depends on their local availability and price. CropEnergies uses various types of cereal - such as wheat, maize, triticale and barley - and sugar beet syrups. In Brazil, producers use sugar cane, in the USA mainly maize. Other field crops are also suitable for bioethanol production, for example potatoes or cassava (manioc).
Our subsidiary in France refines raw alcohol of agricultural origin for a wide range of specifications.
The extraction of bioethanol from lignocellular raw materials such as straw or wood is still in the development phase. Further intensive research is still needed for efficient, commercially viable production. CropEnergies AG has initiated its own research projects in this field, and will be broadening its raw material base as soon as the technological, logistical and commercial prerequisites are fulfilled.

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