Investor Relations

Dates around the Annual General Meeting

15.05.2019Publication of Annual Report
16.05.2019Publication of the invitation to the Annual General Meeting in the Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) and via EU media
15.06.2019Final deadline for motions on amendments (Ergänzungsverlangen), 24:00 hours
25.06.2019Record Date (for share ownership, 0:00 hours)
25.06.2019Internet tool for electronic issuing of proxies and instructions (proxy voting) online on the CropEnergies website
01.07.2019Final deadline for counterproposals to be published pursuant to § 126 AktG (i.e. to be published on the website); 24:00 hours
09.07.2019Shareholder deadline for notice of intention to attend the AGM (24:00 hours)
15.07.2019Final day for submission of written proxies and instructions via regular mail or telefax (received by 6:00 pm)
15.07.2019Proxies and instructions to representatives of CropEnergies via electronic proxy voting can be submitted until 6 p.m.
16.07.2019Proxies to third parties via electronic proxy voting can be granted, proven, amended and revoked up until the adjournment of the Annual Meeting
16.07.2019Annual General Meeting 2019

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