Investor Relations

Requests for addition

Requests for additions to the agenda pursuant to § 122 section 2 of the Companies Act

Shareholders whose aggregate holdings amount to at least 5% of the share capital (i.e. € 4,362,500.00 or 4,362,500 shares) or the proportionate amount of € 500,000.00 of the share capital (i.e. 500,000 shares) may request that certain items be included on the agenda and announced accordingly. Each new item must include a statement of grounds or a draft proposal. Such requests for additions must be addressed in writing to the executive board of CropEnergies AG and must reach the company at least 30 days before the annual general meeting; the day of receipt and the day of the annual general meeting are not included in this time period. Thus the last possible date of receipt is 13 June 2020 (midnight). Requests for additions to the agenda received after that date will not be considered. Please send such requests for additions to the following address:
CropEnergies AG
Executive BoardMaximilianstraße 10
68165 Mannheim
Applicants must prove that they have owned the shares for at least 90 days prior to receipt of the request, and that they will own the shares until the executive board makes a decision on the request. § 121 Section 7 of the Companies Act must be applied accordingly with regard to the calculation of the deadline. A corresponding confirmation from the custodian bank will be considered sufficient proof for this purpose.
Additions to the agenda requiring an announcement that are not announced in the notice of convocation of the annual general meeting will be published in the Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) immediately after receipt and forwarded for publication to such media for which it can be assumed that the information will be disseminated throughout the European Union. They will also be published on the company’s website under: (category: Investor Relations/Hauptversammlung)

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