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25 March 2020
CropEnergies: There is sufficient ethanol for disinfectants
Plant in Zeitz produces 1 million litres daily

CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, is not only the largest European producer of sustainably produced technical ethanol (alcohol), but also a producer of specially purified, drinkable neutral alcohol for pharmaceutical applications, cosmetics or beverages. As the production of neutral alcohol is reaching the limits of its capacity throughout Europe, CropEnergies is expanding the production volumes as far as technically possible and is also asking customers outside the disinfection market to make arrangements in the current situation. "Numerous customers are willing to do this so that we can supply the pharmaceutical industry. We are very grateful for this. Health comes first," says Joachim Lutz, Chief Executive Officer of CropEnergies AG.
18 March 2020
CropEnergies: partial conversion of production to neutral alcohol for disinfectants
Coronavirus can lead to temporary restrictions
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, will partially switch its production from fuel alcohol to neutral alcohol in order to meet the growing demand for ethanol as the main ingredient for disinfectants.

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