Neutral alcohol


Our high-purity neutral alcohol is sought after in the beverage and food industries as well as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Even technical applications need neutral alcohol. We offer neutral alcohol whichsatisfies the requirements and quality standards of our customers and also provide a wide range of denaturants.

Beverages & food

The high quality of our products is our top priority. For beverages, only alcohol of the highest purity and with a neutral taste and odour can be used. This is why our alcohol is free from distracting inherent odours and perfectly fits the recipes of our customers for liqueurs or spirits. If you so wish, we will be happy to provide you with certificates of origin.


Colourless and odourless alcohol is the basis for many cosmetics. Our alcohol meets the highest requirements of our customers whose creations can then come into their own. CropEnergies' neutral alcohol is used in many cosmetic products such asperfumes and hairsprays.


When used for pharmaceutical purposes, neutral alcohol has to satisfy a number of strict purity and neutrality standards. Thanks to its disinfecting properties, our alcohol guarantees hygiene and is an idealagent carrierfor ointments, lotions and sprays.

Technical applications

CropEnergies has a wide range of high-quality alcohol products for industrial applications such as for manufacturing paints or cleaning agents. The excellent cleaning properties of our neutral alcohol is used in windscreen washer fluid for example and, even in below zero temperatures, it guarantees an unrestricted view and residue-free clarity.

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