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Sustainable products made from biomass

About us

The vision of a climate-friendly world

Sustainable, renewable products from biomass - that's what CropEnergies stands for. With our biobased products, we ensure that fossil carbons remain in the ground permanently. Because every day, people use countless products made from fossil raw materials such as crude oil, coal or natural gas. Almost all fuels are of fossil origin. With the use of fossil raw materials, carbon that has been stored in the soil for millions of years is released into the atmosphere as CO2. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, climate change is progressing. We want to do something against this, for today's and future generations!

"Our vision is a climate friendly world in which renewable resources are key to ensuring the welfare of today's and future generations."

Biomass captures CO2

In order to prevent the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere from rising further or to lower it, fossil carbon must remain in the earth and CO2 must be extracted from the ambient air. During their growth, plants absorb CO2. This is the most efficient and proven way to harness CO2 from the ambient air.

"Our mission is to be the most trusted partner for our customers, delivering sustainable products made out of biomass."

Sustainable products

Sustainably produced ethanol as a gasoline substitute is an answer to the future challenges of climate-friendly energy supply, especially in the transportation sector. Our alcohol is also used in beverage production, cosmetics, pharmaceutical applications, for example as a basis for disinfectants, or as a starting material for innovative biochemicals. Equally important are the resulting protein food and animal feed products as well as biogenic carbon dioxide, which is used in beverage production, among other things. In this way, all raw material components are utilized.

CropEnergies at a glance

Date of foundation CropEnergies AG 2006
Headquarters Mannheim
Production sites Zeitz, Germany; Wanze, Belgium; Wilton, United Kingdom; Loon-Plage, France
Employees 495 (as of February 2023)
Products & Brands Renewable ethanol
Fuel applications Neutral alcohol for technical and traditional applications
Food and feed: gluten
Liquefied CO2, ProtiGrain®, Ensus DDGS, ProtiWanze® (CDS)
Production capacity per year 1.3 million m┬│ ethanol for fuel applications
approx. 150,000 m┬│ ethanol for technical and traditional applications,
650,000 t DDGS,
more than 400,000 t CDS (ProtiWanze®), over 60,000 t gluten,
165,000 t biogenic, liquefied CO2 and 250,000 t biogenic CO2
Financial year March 1 - February 28/29


CropEnergies AG, Factsheet Status: 05/2023 Download (PDF, 346 KB)

Our strengths

Dieses Icon zeigt einen Labor-Kolben aus der Chemie und steht f├╝r Entwicklung und Innovation.

A leader in the manufacture and marketing of ethanol
1.3 million m┬│ of ethanol for fuel applications and around 150,000 m┬│ of ethanol for technical and traditional applications can be produced per year.

Das Icon zeigt ein Blatt und steht f├╝r Nachhaltigkeit und ├ľkologie.

Sustainable production
Our ethanol plants are all certified as sustainable. Our ethanol reduces CO2 emissions across the entire value chain by an average of over 70% compared to fossil fuel.

Dieses Icon zeigt ein Blatt mit Pfeilen umgeben und steht f├╝r Recycling und Nachhaltigkeit.

Circular economy
Renewable raw materials are completely processed into valuable products in order to save resources and avoid waste.

Dieses Icon symbolisiert einen Handschlag bei Gesch├Ąftsabschluss.

Partner of agriculture
As a member of the S├╝dzucker Group, we have our roots in agriculture. We are reliable partners for our raw material suppliers and feed customers.

Dieses Icon zeigt eine Person mit einem Netzwerk Globus und steht f├╝r Kommunikation und Networking.

Customer proximity and flexibility
We respond perfectly to the country-specific requirements and special needs of our customers, especially when it comes to the marketing of neutral alcohol. The fulfillment of logistical and qualitative requirements is also a matter of course.

Dieses Icon zeigt zwei ineinanderlaufende Zahnr├Ąder und symbolisiert den Ablauf von Prozessen.

Technology leader
We are constantly in the process of optimizing and developing our products and production processes. Thanks to the circular economy, exemplary energy efficiency or raw material flexibility, each of our systems has various ecological and economic advantages.


Code of Conduct

We expect all our employees to behave impeccably in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and values.

Code of Conduct, S├╝dzucker Group Download (PDF, 511 KB)
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