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Our vision

Sustainable management, i.e. reconciling ecology, economy and social responsibility, is a central element for CropEnergies. This goes hand in hand with the vision of safeguarding the well-being of present and future generations.

Sustainable products from our biorefineries - for plate, tank, trough and more

Strategic importance

Sustainability, climate protection and energy use are strategic focal points of CropEnergies that will become even more important in the future.

Our strategic focus topics

This is important to us

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Greenhouse gas savings
Our focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain. The fuel ethanol produced here already saves on average over 70% of greenhouse gases compared to fossil fuels.

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Circular economy
Our biorefineries work according to the principle of circular economy and use sustainable raw materials as fully as possible. The biomass used results in numerous products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This includes renewable fuels, but also food and feed, the latter contributing to Europe's protein supply and reducing soy imports from North and South America.

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Raw materials
CropEnergies only uses agricultural raw materials of European and predominantly local origin - taking into account all quality and sustainability requirements. The agricultural raw materials must not be grown on areas worthy of protection such as forests or areas with a high level of biodiversity. More and more residues are also used for ethanol production. Their share should continue to increase in the future.

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Even when procuring and delivering our products, CO2 emissions should be kept as low as possible. Short transport routes through local raw materials as well as the ideal location of the production sites on railway lines and waterways make this possible.

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Our production is characterized by continuous optimization, efficient processes and modern energy supply systems. Combined heat and power plants and heat recovery systems lead to above-average energy efficiency. CropEnergies will increase the use of renewable energies and is aiming for climate-neutral production by 2050. Each biorefinery has planned or started site-specific measures for this.

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We pay attention to our employees, create a pleasant, respectful working atmosphere and offer scope for our own work design. Health protection and occupational safety are particularly important to us, and these are ensured through training and preventive measures.

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Entrepreneurial success and social responsibility go hand in hand. We are in dialogue with a wide variety of stakeholders. We manufacture safe and high-quality products and rely on long-term partnerships. With production facilities in rural areas, we offer qualified jobs and contribute to the development of the regional economy. Our social commitment also focuses on local projects. We rely on ethical, legal and responsible behavior, which is laid down in the S├╝dzucker Group's code of conduct.



In the "Renewable Energies Directive", the EU stipulates sustainable certification of the entire value chain: seamlessly, from raw material extraction to production and delivery. All our ethanol plants are certified as sustainable under at least one of the certification systems recognised by the EU and are audited annually.

Certification systems Company
2BSvs Ryssen Alcools SAS
ISCC EU Ensus UK Ltd
REDcert EU BioWanze SA, CropEnergies Bioethanol GmbH, Ryssen Alcools SAS

In the ISS ESG Corporate Rating, CropEnergies was able to achieve Prime Status (C+) in June 2020. As an integral part of S├╝dzucker Group, we also participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change and EcoVadis. In addition, Ryssen has EcoVadis Gold status.

Goal: Climate neutrality 2045

CropEnergies aims to achieve climate-neutral production by 2045. As a first milestone, direct and indirect emissions from production compared to 2018 are to be halved by 2030.

The intended measures can be grouped into three main categories:

  • improvement in energy efficiency,
  • technological advance and
  • replacement of fossil energy sources by renewable ones.
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