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CropEnergies - leading European producer of ethanol


Our promise

Sustainable, renewable products from biomass - that's what CropEnergies stands for. With our products, we contribute to a climate-friendly world and ensure that fossil carbons remain in the ground permanently.

About us

As a leading European ethanol producer, our vision is to contribute to a climate-friendly world with sustainable products made from biomass.

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Sustainable management, i.e. reconciling ecology, economy and social responsibility, is a central element for CropEnergies.

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Executive Board

You can find more information on the Executive Board here.

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The Supervisory Board

You can find more information on the Supervisory Board here.

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CropEnergies has production sites in Germany, Belgium, the UK and France.

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Innovation from Biomass

With cutting-edge technology and a high level of innovation to sustainable solutions.

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You can find information about our work culture and job vacancies here.

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Financial calendar

Annual Report 2023/24

15 May 2024

Press and Analyst Conference

15 May 2024

Statement 1st quarter 2024/25

10 July 2024

Annual General Meeting 2024

16 July 2024

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