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Innovations & collaboration

Research and development

Together with Südzucker AG's research and development department, CropEnergies develops sustainable products that are made from the super molecule ethanol, plant proteins and other products of our circular economy.

Use bound CO2

Renewable ethanol is not only a highly efficient fuel, but also, for example, an excellent feedstock for sustainable and renewable basic chemicals. Also "indirect air capture" is part of our biorefining: Some of the CO2 bound in biomass is released during the fermentation of sugar into ethanol. We capture this and make it usable. Our biogenic CO2 has a purity of over 99%, making it an excellent feedstock for the production of synthetic fuels, for example, using green hydrogen. Synthetic fuels are another alternative to fossil fuels and are therefore ideally suited to reducing CO2 emissions in transport - all the way to climate neutrality. Various cooperations help us to test and further optimize the advantages of these and other innovations.

Four Motors

Since 2015, we have been collaborating with the Four Motors racing team led by Thomas von Löwis of Menar and the rapper Smudo. Since 2016, we have been supplying the racing team with a high-performance fuel with 20% residual ethanol. Since then, the team has not only scored many racing successes, but also provided us with valuable insights into the fuel. These insights help us to conduct larger-scale everyday tests with an E20 fuel to investigate and document the advantages in combustion, knock resistance and environmental protection on the road.

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Association work

CropEnergies is a member of and works closely with various associations:

Federal Association of the German Bioethanol Industry, BDBe


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