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Neutral alcohol

Highly pure and suitable for a wide variety of applications

Neutral alcohol

Neutral odour and taste

CropEnergies operates plants for the production of neutral alcohol in Germany and France with a production capacity of up to 150 million litres per year. Our neutral alcohol has a neutral odour and taste. Each customer chooses for themselves which alcohol from our versatile product range meets their requirements and quality guidelines.

Numerous applications

Our high-purity neutral alcohol is in demand in the beverage and food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and for technical applications. We offer different qualities, each of which meets the requirements and quality guidelines of our customers, and provide a variety of denaturants.

Drinks & Food

The high quality of our products is our top priority. Only alcohol of the highest purity and with a neutral odour and taste is considered for beverage production. Therefore, our alcohol is free from disturbing inherent odors and fits perfectly to our customers' recipes for liqueurs or spirits.


Colorless alcohol with a neutral odour is the basis for many cosmetic products. Our alcohol meets the high requirements of our customers, whose creations really come into their own this way. The neutral alcohol from CropEnergies is used in many cosmetic products such as perfume or hairspray.


For pharmaceutical use, neutral alcohol must meet various strict purity and neutrality guidelines. Our neutral alcohol ensures hygiene through its disinfecting properties and is an ideal active ingredient carrier in ointments, tinctures or sprays.

Technical applications

CropEnergies has a wide range of high-quality alcohol for industrial applications such as the production of paint or cleaning agents. The good cleaning effect of our neutral alcohol is used, for example, in windscreen cleaners and enables residue-free clarity even at sub-zero temperatures.


CropEnergies produces rectified and dehydrated alcohol of different qualities for a variety of traditional and technical applications. We base our production on the requirements and quality guidelines of our customers. We offer denatured, undenatured, partially denatured and fully denatured alcohol as well as special denaturants.

In order to guarantee the high quality of our neutral alcohol, we continuously improve our production process and our strict quality management. Machine and human controls guarantee above-average quality. The specialist team "Sensory Control" ensures that the taste remains consistent. Regular blind tests are standard to ensure the organoleptic quality.

ISO certification 2021-24 Status 2021 Download (PDF, 296 KB)



Our subsidiary, Ryssen Alcools SAS, has been a specialist in neutral alcohol since 1829. From raw alcohol of crops containing sugar or starch, Ryssen produces neutral alcohol for traditional and technical applications in Loon-Plage, France. Ryssen flexibly adapts its high-quality products to the wishes of customers in the beverage, food and cosmetics industries as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The production plant, with an annual capacity of up to 90 million litres, is located in the port of Dunkirk. In addition to direct access to inland and ocean-going vessels, trains and tanker trucks can also be loaded and unloaded at the site.

ISO Certificate 9001, Ryssen Download (PDF, 371 KB)


Since the beginning of 2015, we have been producing high-quality, pure alcohol in food grade quality in our new refining plant in Zeitz. Local grain and sugar syrups from the neighbouring sugar factory serve as raw products for the odourless and tasteless alcohol.

Up to 60 million litres of neutral alcohol can be produced annually in Zeitz. Delivery is by truck.

Schematic Diagram of production Process of Ethanol, Protigrain and CO from Grains and Sugar Syrups Download (PDF, 732 KB)

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Well-known companies from the beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries have been relying on CropEnergies' high-quality products for years. Our employees will be happy to be your contact at any time.

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