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Food & Animal feed

Local & rich in protein

Food & Animal feed

Food and feed

In ethanol production from starchy cereals and sugar syrups, the raw materials are fully utilised. In addition to renewable ethanol, various protein-rich food and animal feed products are obtained.


Complete use of raw materials

CropEnergies processes all the raw materials into valuable products. From part of the raw materials used, which are produced in Europe, we produce protein-rich food and animal feed products that contain valuable proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and dietary fibres. In addition to every litre of ethanol produced, about one kilogram of GMO-free, protein-rich animal feed is produced.

Contribution to the European protein supply

In the EU, the degree of self-sufficiency in vegetable proteins is around 78 %, which is why Europe has to import over 20 % of its protein requirements for feeding animals every year. With their high content of value-determining components, our feedstuffs reduce Europe's need for imported vegetable proteins and, in particular, replace soy imports, which are produced in South and North America with high resource consumption and have to be transported over long distances to Europe.

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