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For plate, tank and trough - and much more ...

More climate-friendly mobility Ethanol

Contribute to climate protection here and now - with sustainably produced ethanol as a petrol substitute.

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Highest quality Neutral alcohol

Highly pure and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Local and rich in protein Food and feed

Here is more information on ProtiGrainR, ProtiWanzeR, Ensus DDGS and gluten.

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Sustainable raw material Biogenic CO2

... for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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In realization Biobased chemicals

The alternative to fossil products: Ethyl acetate produced from renewable ethanol

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Fields of application:

Sustainable mobility

Sustainably produced ethanol as a gasoline substitute is an answer to the future challenges of climate-friendly energy supply, especially in the transportation sector. Thanks to highly efficient production plants, our ethanol reduces CO2 emissions by an average of more than 70% across the entire value chain compared to fossil fuel.

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Local products from the circular economy

Our high-purity neutral alcohol and biogenic CO2 from ethanol production are used in beverage production. Valuable wheat protein is used in the production of baked goods.

Ethyl acetate (acetic ester) is used in the decaffeination of coffee and tea and as a flavouring agent.

Valuable proteins

From the complete use of biomass, we can obtain more than 1 million tonnes of protein-rich, GMO-free animal feed per year. CropEnergies thus makes an important contribution to Europe's protein supply.

Flexible application possibilities

Our high-purity neutral alcohol is perfectly adapted to customer requirements and is used in cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Our biogenic CO2 is also suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

The solvent ethyl acetate is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, e.g. as a nail polish remover, as well as in adhesives, paints and packaging.

Innovation from Biomass

With cutting-edge technology and a high level of innovation to sustainable solutions.

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