Principles and Corporate Strategy

  • The CropEnergies Group’s mission is to work in concert with its partners to shape the future responsibly and to develop solutions for social and corporate challenges. To do this, we make sustainably produced, bio-based products available to our partners. The focus in the manufacture of these products is on responsible and efficient handling of the biomass used and all its components. CropEnergies follows the principle of the circular economy. Renewable raw materials are utilised as completely as possible so as to conserve resources and avoid wastes.
  • The products produced aim to improve the quality of life for the present generation while safeguarding that of future generations. As the leading European producer of sustainably generated ethanol, CropEnergies combines business success with social responsibility and environmental protection. The company’s aim is to grow profitably, to increase enterprise value in the long term and to take the interests of shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees into account, through sustainable and responsible business activity.
  • CropEnergies’ broad product portfolio includes ethanol, the world’s No. 1 biofuel, which is produced from the starch or sugar content of renewable raw materials. Sustainably produced ethanol is proven to reduce greenhouse gases and conserve finite fossil resources. CropEnergies produces, in particular, protein-rich food and animal feed products, which also contain valuable dietary fibres, fats, minerals and vitamins, from the remaining components of the raw materials used. These products have a high nutritional value and reduce European import requirements for vegetable proteins, particularly soy, which is produced with a high consumption of resources in South and North America and transported over long distances to Europe.
  • The CropEnergies Group achieves its objectives through operating excellence and innovations, relying on its own core competences – the large-scale processing of raw materials into high-grade products in biorefineries and their marketing. What is crucial here is the extensive know-how across the entire value chain – from crop growing to production through to transport and marketing. With its innovative production facilities, CropEnergies sets standards in terms of technology, efficiency and flexibility. This is complemented by an efficient sourcing management and an optimised logistics network. The company’s extensive experience at all value creation and process stages makes it a trustworthy partner, too. CropEnergies intends to use innovations to secure a competitive edge in the existing activities, tap new markets and develop solutions for the challenges of the future. Key to the company’s success are the knowledge, experience, social skills, satisfaction and dedication of its employees. The company also aims to continue to develop these strengths by training and advancing its employees.
  • The growing demand for sustainably produced products also presents a future opportunity for CropEnergies to develop attractive new areas of business and to grow profitably, with transparent reporting and open communication with capital market participants being valued highly. The contact with investors and capital markets is also important for funding further growth.
CropEnergies operates sustainably in the interest of the company’s successful development and a future worth living, in which the use of renewable raw materials is the key to the well-being of current and future generations.

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