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Corporate governance

Corporate Governance encompasses all national and international values and fundamental principles governing a good and responsible concern management. It is by no means to be understood as a rigid system of rules and regulations, but on the contrary more as a continuing process of development of principles and standards to respond to current requirements.
Corporate Governance comprises many layers, and incorporates both duties and voluntary measures: fulfilment of legal provisions and regulations, the compliance with standards and recommendations and the development of and following our own company?s guidelines.
Good Corporate Governance guarantees qualified, transparent concern management properly directed towards the long-term success of the company, and is intended to reinforce the trust of shareholders and investors in the capital market.
?This German Corporate Governance Code (the ?Kodex?) lays down essential legal requirements in respect of the managing and monitoring of German companies quoted on the Stock Exchange (Company Management) and comprises standards recognised both nationally and internationally with respect to good and responsible company management. The Kodex is designed to make the German Corporate Governance System transparent and comprehensible. It is intended to promote the trust of national and international investors, customers, the staff and the general public in the management and monitoring of German companies quoted on the Stock Exchange.?
From: Foreword to the ?Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex? in its edition dated June 12th, 2006
With its classification in Prime Standard, CropEnergies fulfils the most stringent German requirements concerning transparency. The overwhelming acceptance of the German Corporate Governance Code underlines our commitment to transparency in corporate management.

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