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Changes in executive and supervisory board of CropEnergies AG

Mannheim, 04/30/2015 Company news

Mannheim, 30 April 2015 - In today's meeting, the supervisory board of CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, has appointed Joachim Lutz as the Chief Executive Officer (Sprecher des Vorstands) with immediate effect.

He will assume responsibility for the following departments: production, business development, public relations, public affairs, marketing, investor relations, compliance, and human resources. Lutz has been Chief Financial Officer of CropEnergies since May 2006.
The supervisory board has appointed Dr. Stephan Meeder and Michael Friedmann to the executive board with immediate effect. Dr. Stephan Meeder (44) will be responsible for the departments of finance, accounting, controlling, and risk management In the future. After jobs in corporate finance, he joined S├╝dzucker Group in 2006 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the French sugar producer Saint Louis Sucre S.A., Paris, in 2007. The departments of sales and procurement will be taken over by Michael Friedmann (60). After various positions as a purchaser, Friedmann joined S├╝dzucker Group in 1992. From 1997 to 2000, he was managing director of S├╝dzucker International GmbH, Ochsenfurt, and was appointed speaker of the management board of the Polish sugar producer Cukier Krolewski Sp.z o.o., Krakau, in 2000. Since 2004, Friedmann has been head of animal feed and co-product sales of S├╝dzucker AG.
Dr. Marten Keil has resigned from the executive board with immediate effect and has ceased working for the company.
With the executive board expanded to three experienced members, CropEnergies is in a good position to meet the special challenges of the biofuels industry and to seize opportunities.
Dr. Lutz Guderjahn, member and deputy chairman of the CropEnergies supervisory board, has resigned from his position with immediate effect. CropEnergies AG will immediately request a new supervisory board member to be appointed by the registration court until the annual general meeting on 14 July 2015 when a new member of the supervisory board will be elected. In today's meeting, the supervisory board appointed Thomas K├Âlbl as new deputy chairman of the CropEnergies AG's supervisory board.
CropEnergies AG thanks Dr. Marten Keil und Dr. Lutz Guderjahn for their work and their contribution to the development of the company.

CropEnergies AG

Ensuring mobility in a climate friendly way - today and in the future - is CropEnergies' business. Founded in Mannheim, Germany, in 2006, the young and dynamically growing member of the S├╝dzucker Group is one of the leading European manufacturers of sustainably produced bioethanol for the fuel sector today. With its three modern production facilities in Germany, Belgium, and France as well as trading offices in the USA and Brazil, CropEnergies produces approximately 700,000 cubic meters of bioethanol per year. They mainly replace petrol and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70 percent. With this, CropEnergies has established itself successfully as a bioethanol pioneer in a major emerging market.

In addition to the efficient production of bioethanol, CropEnergies is mainly characterized by the innovative co-product concept: The raw materials which are used such as cereals and sugar beets are completely utilized. As a result, 500,000 tonnes of high-quality protein food and animal feed products are manufactured every year out of the non-fermentable components of the raw materials.
Through advanced technology and innovation CropEnergies contributes to ensure a sustainable mobility from renewable sources today and in the future through its main product bioethanol: mobility - sustainable. renewable.
The CropEnergies AG stock (ISIN DE000AOLAUP1) has been listed at the regulated market (Prime Standard) at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006.