Quality assurance

We at CropEnergies take meticulous care to ensure the outstanding quality of our products ? from the agricultural raw materials used, via continuous quality monitoring during the production process, through to the delivery of high-quality, virtually water-free and certified bioethanol.
Quality assurance starts with the raw materials used. This is why CropEnergies subjects all the raw materials used for fermentation ? cereals and sugar syrups ? to a searching goods inwards examination.
During production, the quality parameters are continuously tracked with modern process control technology and by our own analytical laboratories.
The CropEnergies pipelines are used exclusively for bioethanol. If required, CropEnergies also arranges transport in rail cars or road tankers that are used exclusively for ethanol. With the aid of this quality assurance process we have introduced, we guarantee the outstanding quality of the bioethanol produced by CropEnergies.

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