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Ensus markets the DDGS from the bioethanol plant on Wilton, UK, but also in other countries all over Europe. Our customer portfolio includes all well-known manufacturers of high-quality animal feeds. There is a strong demand for this high-grade animal feed, which is used as an ingredient in compound feeds or can be fed directly to cattle, from customers both at home and abroad. Ensus DDGS stands out for its good digestibility, balanced protein/energy ratio and excellent palatability .
The meal is suitable for compound mixes with other ingredients or as direct feed. While the focus at first was on feeding cattle, Ensus DDGS has very quickly come to be used also in the rations for growing-finishing pigs where it is used proportionally as a substitute for soy meal extract. Ensus DDGS is meanwhile a popular component also in poultry feeds and pet foods.
Ensus DDGS can be used in a variety of ways in the feeding of livestock.
The following proportions may be used as a guide to the maximum amounts in the rations for the different types of livestock: 
Type of livestock   up to max. % DDGS   
Dairy cow   20   
Growing cattle   15   
Beef cattle   20   
Growing-finishing pig   10 - 15   
Sow, gestating   4   
Sow, lactating   8   
Broiler   5   
Laying hen   15   
Chicken layer, extensive   20   
Source: CropEnergies AG

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