Food & Animal feed


ProtiGrain® can be used in a variety of ways in the feeding of livestock.
The following proportions may be used as a guide to the maximum amounts in the rations for the different types of livestock:
Type of livestock up to ... % ProtiGrain®
Dairy cow 20
Growing cattle 15
Beef cattle 20
Growing-finishing pig 10 - 15
Sow, gestating 4
Sow, lactating 8
Broiler 5
Laying hen 15
Chicken layer, extensive 20
Source: CropEnergies AG
Feed evaluation for ruminants
Feed values of ProtiGrain® for ruminants (per kg of dry matter)
UDP 5* 60 %
Net energy lactation (NEL) 7.6 MJ
Metabolizable energy (ME) 12.5 MJ
Utilizable crude protein (nXP) 245 g
Ruminal N balance (RNB) 11.4 g
* crude protein not digestible in the rumen at an assumed ruminal passage rate of 5% per hour
Feed evaluation for pigs
Feed values of ProtiGrain® for pigs (per kg of dry matter)
Metabolizable energy (ME) 12.8 MJ
Amino acids:

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