Food & Animal feed

Wheat gluten

Wheat gluten - a product in demand in the food and animal feed industry
The next-generation bioethanol plant in Wanze, Belgium, produces wheat gluten, which is separated from the grain during the milling process and is dried. Owing to its nutritional and technical properties, gluten is used above all in the food industry and in special animal feeds, such as aqua feed and pet food.
The high protein content (> 80%) as well as the particular protein quality and viscoelastic properties of this IFS-certified product (International Food Standard) are valued by our customers. In the food industry, gluten is particularly used to enhance bakery products and as a binding agent, as well as serving as a high-quality animal feed for fish farms and pet foods. The plant in Wanze can produce over 60,000 tonnes of gluten per year.
It is distributed through BENEO-Orafti, a Belgian subsidiary of Südzucker AG, under the brand name BeneoPro W.
The BioWanze production flow chart shows how gluten is manufactured.

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