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Survey: EU citizen support biofuels

Biofuels, ethanol made from feed grain and sugar beets, for example, demonstrably reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector and decrease Europe's dependence on oil imports.
Numerous studies have already proven the sustainability of biofuels and now a new survey also confirms the EU population's broad support for them.
The survey was presented in January 2017 by the European renewable ethanol association (ePURE, Brussels) and contains the answers of 11.283 participants of 28 EU member states, with the participants representing a cross-section of the population.
A clear majority responded favorably to the support of biofuels. In particular, the better air quality, lower CO2 emissions and the production of bioethanol based on renewable resources were decisive factors for citizen.
Infographics about the results of the survey can be downloaded here:
Which of the following do you think are advantages of biofuels for cars?
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Do you think biofuels made from crops like maize and sugar beet should be encouraged or not encouraged?
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Currently the European Union has a policy to promote biofuels - are you in favour or against such a policy?
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Results by country
Download (PDF, 283.57 KB)

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