Loon-Plage, France: Europe's most flexible bioethanol plant

The French alcohol producer Ryssen Alcools SAS has been a member of the CropEnergies Group since June 2008. This has extended the group's activities in the important French market and increased its annual capacity for the production of bioethanol for fuel applications by another 100,000 m³.
Versatile and flexible
The activities of Ryssen Alcools are organized into two segments: besides the dehydration, or drying, of raw alcohol for the fuel sector (100,000 m³ per year), Ryssen Alcools is also a specialist for the purification, or rectification, of raw alcohol for traditional and technical applications. The high-quality products are flexibly tailored to the wishes of its customers in the beverage and cosmetics industries as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In this segment Ryssen Alcools has an annual capacity of 90,000 m³ of bioethanol.
The production facilities are located in a favourable logistical position in the port of Dunkirk. From there, it is possible to supply the refineries in the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) area quickly and cheaply. Rail cars and road tankers can also be loaded and unloaded at the site.
Over 150 years' experience
Ryssen Alcools was established as the family firm Fauconnier in 1829. The company was part of the Südzucker subsidiary Saint Louis Sucre since 1979 and was fully taken over by it in 2006.

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