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BioWanze SA, Wanze (B)

Europe's most advanced plant


In Wanze, Belgium, the CropEnergies subsidiary BioWanze SA operates a next-generation ethanol plant with a production capacity of 300,000 m³ of ethanol per year. Belgium's largest ethanol plant has been certified as sustainable since 2010 and is constantly developing.

Higher CO2 savings through the use of biomass for energy production

Through the use of biomass as primary energy, the plant does justice to the topic of sustainability in a special way: A biomass power plant uses the husks of the delivered wheat grain to generate a large part of the required thermal and electrical process energy in a climate-friendly way. A further biomass power plant is in the planning stage, with which the biorefinery will then produce in a completely climate-neutral manner.

Innovative products and zero waste

All raw material components are used. The non-fermentable ingredients are further processed according to a concept specially adapted to the site. Gluten (wheat protein) is separated and dried. It is a valuable product for food and feed production. Gluten is marketed directly, but is also processed at the site into the meat substitute Textured Wheat Protein. The stillage remaining after distillation is processed into a protein-rich liquid animal feed CDS (Concentrated Distillers' Solubles) and marketed under the brand name ProtiWanze®. A CO2 liquefaction plant processes the biogenic CO2 produced during ethanol production for the food and beverage industry and the homecare sector.

Schematic Diagramm of the Production Process in BioWanze Download (PDF, 1 MB)

Environmentally friendly logistics

The Wanze facility has direct access to the Meuse waterway, providing excellent links to the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam freight hub and international markets. The majority of inbound and outbound deliveries are made by barge.

Flyer bioethanol plant Wanze Download (PDF, 2 MB)

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