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Ensus DDGS

Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles

Ensus DDGS

High quality protein feed

The CropEnergies subsidiary Ensus UK Ltd. produces the valuable animal feed Ensus DDGS at the ethanol plant in Wilton, England. Stillage, which is produced during ethanol production on the basis of starchy grain, has been fed to animals for centuries. In liquid form, however, it is very limited in the region. If it is dried, DDGS is produced, a product that can be traded and stored. Due to its high protein and fat content and its advantageous energy content, DDGS is a high-quality feedstuff for all types of livestock as well as for pets. It replaces mainly soybean and rapeseed extraction meal in the feed rations.

Quality requirements

Ensus DDGS is an innovative and high-quality product. In order to meet the high customer requirements and to always provide a reliable product, we have established a powerful quality management system, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Ensus is FEMAS certified (Feed Material Assurance Scheme), which recognises and complies with equivalent EU regulations as part of the AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation) assurance scheme, which also includes UFAS (United Feed Assurance Scheme).

Ensus DDGS Feeding

Ensus DDGS is marketed predominantly in the UK, but also in other European countries. Our customers include the leading European manufacturers of farm and pet foods. Domestic and foreign customers are showing keen interest in the high-quality product, which is used as a component in compound feed or directly in ruminant feed. Ensus DDGS is characterised above all by its high digestibility, balanced protein/energy ratio and excellent palatability.

Ensus DDGS has also quickly found its way into pig rations, where it replaces a proportion of soya extraction meal. It has also become a popular ingredient in poultry and pet diets.

Ensus DDGS can be used in a variety of ways in the feeding of livestock. The following maximum amounts can be used in the ration for the various animal species:

Animal species up to max. % DDGS
Dairy cow 20
Growing cattle 15
Beef cattle 20
Growing-finishing pig 10 - 15
Sow, gestating 4
Sow, lactating 8
Broiler 5
Laying hen 15
Chicken layer, extensive 20
Data sheet DDGS Ensus Status: 2023 Download (PDF, 562 KB)
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