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Sustainable products from renewable biomass are the business of CropEnergies.
Founded in Mannheim in 2006, the member of the Südzucker Group is the leading European producer of sustainably produced, renewable ethanol. With a production capacity of 1.3 Mio. m3 of ethanol per year, CropEnergies produces neutral alcohol and technical alcohol (ethanol) for a wide range of applications at locations in Germany, Belgium, the UK and France: from climate-friendly fuel, beverage production or cosmetic products to pharmaceutical applications, for example as a basis for disinfectants and sanitizers or as a raw material for innovative biochemicals.
Thanks to highly efficient production plants, ethanol for fuel applications reduces CO2 emissions across the entire value chain by an average of over 70% compared to fossil fuels.
In addition, more than 1 Mio. t per year of high-quality, protein-containing food and animal feed as well as biogenic carbon dioxide, which is used in beverage production, among other things, are produced from biomass.

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07 April 2021
CropEnergies expects operating profit between EUR 50 and EUR 80 million for financial year 2021/22
CropEnergies AG, Mannheim, expects an operating profit of between EUR 50 and EUR 80 (previous year: EUR 107) million for the current financial year 2021/22...

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